#WICBham2018: The best of Twitter

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We’ve seen an incredible amount of drama at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. There have been close battles, suprises, and it’s fair to say a degree of confusion at times.

Not everyone seemed happy on the podium.

Some were just happy to make it thanks to a 300 mile, £1,500 taxi ride.

The weather wasn’t the only thing upside down.

This one is deliberately upside down.

Anyone know the world record for 60m while carrying a camera?

I wonder if he caught anyone being DQ’d? 

Is this a maths equation?

Time for some Pozzi glory.

Time for a film audition.

Excuse me, Poles coming through!

Poles staying up!

KJT’s title-winning competition in 60 seconds

Finally, time for some well-earned rest and food.


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First published on: 9 March, 2018 12:00 am