UKA Rules for Competition

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The new UKA Rules for Competition came into effect on 1 April. These are available for download from the British Athletics website. Guidance regarding the important changes regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules is also available.

You can download a full copy of the UKA Rules for Competition over at the Britsh Athletics website at

We at England Athletics have worked with UK to provide guidance regarding the important changes relating to compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules. With regards athlete registration it is important athletes (and parents of younger athletes, UKA Rules apply from the Under 13 Age Group upwards) take responsibility for their role in ensuring their club registration is up to date. Further information for athletes is available at

Advice for the following people is available as follows


While athlete registration has been a part of the rules of the sport for a number of years these changes mean it is essential that athletes are registered and aware of their registration details.

While road runners will still be able to compete unattached, athletes, who wish to represent their club (and claim the registered athlete discount on entry fees) in road running events, will need to be registered. 

Registered athletes

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Injury survey

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