Tomlinson Going for Gold

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British Long jumper Chris Tomlinson believes heís got what it takes to push for a medal at the London Olympic Games in the summer.

The Middlesbrough born athlete had both a positive and negative 2011 season, jumping a new British record of 8.35m but also picking up a serious knee injury, which needed surgery.

ì2011 started off very well,î Tomlinson reflected. ìI had five comps over 8.20m, which is up top end world class long jumping and then I broke the British record of 8.35m beating all the best guys in the world,

ìUnfortunately I picked up a knee injury which needed an operation it was so severe, I’ve qualified for the finals still but wasnít allowed to give it my all once I got out there,

ìIt took me a couple of months to get over that, mentally it was pretty tough but I got to build on the positives of 2011, and move towards the London Olympics.î

A lot of focus has been on another British long jumper, who took away his previous record, Greg Rutherford, who in 2008 made the Olympic final and finished tenth.

Tomlinson didnít qualify in Beijing and itís something that the Newham and Essex Beagles, athlete is looking to rectifying by pushing for that podium top spot.

But although he wonít be involved with the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul this month, he still possesses the confidence that could give him that advantage come the opening stages of the athletics season.

He said, ìThereís no doubt about it I’ve been ranked as one of the best long jumpers, I was ranked sixth in the world, picked up a World Indoor silver medal and picked European bronze medals,

ìI’ve been one of the best jumpers for a lot of the years, unfortunately I havenít made the break through to climb on to the top position on the podium and thatís what I’m aiming to do.î

After all itís that time of the year, itís nearly here, itís that one event that everyone has been talking about for the past year now; itís the question everyone wants to know when they talk to an athlete who could be going to the Olympic Games.

How good could it actually be from an athleteís point of view? From his point of view it could be that of an emotional feeling.

ìOf course for any athlete being involved in the Olympic Games is going to be absolutely incredible, itís difficult to describe what it means in words but from an emotional point of view.

ìItís going to be potentially one of the greatest days of my life, but obviously if I do well Iíll look back with fonder memories than negative memories.î


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First published on: 6 March, 2012 12:00 am