The independent commission investigating widespread doping scandal reveals report

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The independent commission (IC) investigating the doping scandal uncovered by ARD and the Sunday Times late in 2014 has now made their report publically available.

The report states that a considerable amount of data and information has been passed to Interpol that tends to demonstrate criminal conduct on the part of certain individuals and organisations.

The IC will not reveal the chapter of report covering this information until the proper authorities have made criminal charges, although it is hoped that this will be done by the end of 2015.

A brief summary presented in the report states:

  • Additional suspicious cases have been identified, with further investigation by WADA recommended.
  • There has been “systemic failures within the IAAF and Russia” that prevented the possibility of “an effective anti-doping program”.
  • Neither Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF), Russian Anti-Doping (RUSADA), nor the Russian Federation can be considered compliant with the WADA code.
  • It has been recommended “WADA declare ARAF and RUSADA to be Code non-compliant.”
  • The IC has also stated that they believe that WADA should withdraw the accreditation of the Moscow laboratory as soon as possible, with its director permanently removed from his position.
  • The director mentioned above instructed that all records showing the existence of 1417 samples, as well as any documentation of the resulting analysis, be destroyed.
  • “The Moscow laboratory is unable to act independently. The IC has recommended that the IAAF suspend ARAF.”

Read the full WADA report here.

Edit @ 1530: IAAF response

In response to WADA’s IC report above Lord Sebastian Coe, the IAAF President, has saught approval from IAAF Council Members to consider sanctions against the ARAF. These sanctions could include provisional and the full suspension and the removal of Russian athletes from future IAAF events.

On the report, Lord Coe said: “The information in WADA’s Independent Commissions Report is alarming. We need time to properly digest and understand the detailed findings included in the report.

“However, I have urged the Council to start the process of considering sanctions against ARAF. This step has not been taken lightly. Our athletes, partners and fans have my total assurance that where there are failures in our governance or our anti-doping programmes we will fix them.

“We will do whatever it takes to protect the clean athletes and rebuild trust in our sport. The IAAF will continue to offer the police authorities our full co-operation into their ongoing investigation.” 


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First published on: 9 November, 2015 12:00 am