Six countries ruled to be in breach of World Anti-Doping Agency code

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Russia along with Argentina, Ukraine, Bolivia, Andorra and Israel have all been deemed to by “non-compliant” by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Six further nations – including Brazil, Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico and Spain -have been placed on a ‘watch list’ and must now face strict conditions by March 2016 or they will face action.

Kenya has been instructed to explain their doping controls or they will soon face further action.

Those considered “non-compliant” have failed to fully respond to WADA’s request for information.

Argentina, Bolivia and Ukraine have been found to breach the agency’s code by using non-accredited laboratories whilst Andorra and Israel did not have the correct rules in place.

In these countries drug testing will now be conducted by an independent body with the country in question paying for the tests until it reinstalls the correct anti-doping procedures.

Earlier this month, Russia’s athletics federation was provisionally banned from further international competition for its alleged involvement in state sponsored doping.

WADA cannot prevent athletes from “non-compliant” countries from competing, with such decisions taken by the IAAF and International Olympic Committee.

Dick Pound, the co-author of WADA’s recent report, has alleged that Kenya has a “real problem with doping” with Kenya’s government only approving the establishment of an anti-doping as early as last week.


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First published on: 19 November, 2015 12:00 am

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