Oscar Pistorius released from prison on house arrest

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Former Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been released from prison after serving just a year of his sentence.

The South African will now face the remainder of his sentence under house arrest, which will take place at his uncle’s mansion in Pretoria.

Pistorius was originally sentenced to five years in prison for culpable homicide as it was concluded that he accidentally shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at their house on Valentines night in 2013, after mistaking her for an intruder.

His release is eligible under under South African law, in which the “correctional supervision” rule states that a convict can be released after serving at least one sixth of their sentence.

Some restrictions will apply during Pistorius’ house arrest, these include being forbidden from accessing firearms, taking drugs or alchohol and going out at night. However, Steenkamp’s family have stated that they feel Pistorius is “getting off lightly” with his release.

“Nothing has changed,” stated the family’s lawyer on Pistorius’ release, “nothing will bring Reeva back. They (Reeva’s parents) are not surprised at all by this announcement. They expected this.”

It is unlikely that Pistorius will make a return to the track, as, according to a close family friend of the athlete, the ongoing debacle has left him in very poor physical condition.

The 28 year old also faces the prospect of a return to prison, with an appeal from prosecutors against the verdict set to be decided in November.