Meet the team mates: Theo Etienne, Rechmial Miller and Chad Miller

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It’s hard to believe it was a year ago, but 21-year-old sprinter Theo Etienne started 2017 just like many of his races. An explosive getaway helped him to silver at the British Indoor Championships over 60m, which he followed up with fifth in the European final in Belgrade. 

Joining him in the hot seat is Rechmial Miller, a former Commonwealth Youth silver medallist over 100m, and his brother Chad, who picked up bronze in the same competition over 200m last year. 

They are coached by Ryan Freckleton at Lea Valley Athletics Centre (even frequented by Arsene Wenger) and as you’ll see, they are incredibly open and honest!

Vinco: Who is the worst dressed?

Chad: Tommy.

Rechmial: Yeah, Tommy Ramdhan.

Theo: He’s too inconsistent.

Chad: The thing is he thinks it’s so sick.

Rechmial: None of us dress bad, he’s just not in the top half of the table.

Who is coach’s pet?

Theo: Tommy.

Rechmial: Maybe me!

What do you do to relax?

Theo: Watch a lot of films.

Rechmial: Listen to music.

Chad: PS4.

Rechmial: Yeah, FIFA.

Theo: Honestly – anything that’s not track related – just try and get away from it and live a normal life! (Laughter).

Rechmial: Buy clothes.

Chad: Oh, and Nandos.

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete?

Theo: I like how it’s very rewarding. It’s just a great way to keep fit.

Even when I’m not training, after like a week or so, I just want to get back to training, even though I’m complaining the majority of the time.

Rechmial: Being someone that’s not the most social person, I’ve got to meet a lot of people. This guy (Theo), even though we live really close, I never would have met him.



Chad: I think the challenge in itself; beyond even competing, the fact that every step and every stage leads you to progress. I think that’s so rewarding.

Also, a lot of the challenges that you face in just trying to get to be a better athlete, they help you with whatever things you want to take on in life.

Theo: Also travelling…I never would’ve gone to the Czech Republic, I never would have gone to Sweden.

Rechmial: Away comps are the best and it’s not even the competing, once you’ve finished your race, that’s the fun. 

Chad: You get to see a different side to life just from competing.

Where would you take someone on a date?

Rechmial: I don’t even want to give that away (Much laughter).

I like the arcade. 

Theo: Yeah arcades for definite.

Chad: Nandos (Laughter).

Rechmial: Nandos is like “Are you hungry? Let’s just go to Nandos”.

Theo: Yeah, that’s a bit casual! I don’t have a specific spot, I like to explore and go to different places. If you go to the same spot it’s boring. 

Rechmial: I want him (Theo) to take me on a date!


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First published on: 30 January, 2018 12:00 am