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uCoach is the online resource for athletics coaches in the UK. The uCoach website has the coach in mind – a one-stop shop for coaches to access information about coach development, coaching qualifications, events, news and coaching resources.

The website includes an article library, video, audio, documents, photos, blogs, interviews and more – suitable for all levels of coaches.  Information is continuously and frequently added and usually available to all UK users or those outside the UK via login.

Detailed are resources dated 29th March to 3rd April 2016.

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Frank Dick: My Coaching Journey Part 3 (03.04.16)
At the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, Frank Dick talks about his own coaching journey, including many lessons that will help mould the next generation of coaches.
Will Benefit: Coaches.

Vestinee: Evolving Discus Coaching Part 1 (01.04.16)
In this video filmed at the Scottish Coaching Weekend 2015, Vestinee looks at new ideas and methods around coaching the discus throw.
Will Benefit: (Throws) Coaches.

Neil Cronin: Tendon Mechanics Part 1 (02.04.16)
Neil Cronin is a researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Biology and Physical Activity in Finland. In This workshop presentation at the European Endurance Coaching Conference 2013 in Nottingham, Neil talks through the theories behind training tendons.
Will Benefit: (Endurance) Coaches.

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