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uCoach is the online resource for athletics coaches in the UK. The uCoach website has the coach in mind – a one-stop shop for coaches to access information about coach development, coaching qualifications, events, news and coaching resources.

The website includes an article library, video, audio, documents, photos, blogs, interviews and more – suitable for all levels of coaches. Information is continuously and frequently added and usually available to all UK users or those outside the UK via login.

Detailed are resources dated 7th to 13th March 2016.

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The Evolution of 100m Hurdling Part 3 (13.03.16)
From the 2015 Scottish Athletics Coaching Weekend; LJ presents on how 100m hurdling has evolved, and how coaches can modify practice to keep up with the event changes.
Will Benefit: (Speed) Coaches.

Malcolm Arnold: Preparing Dai for the 400H Part 1 (11.03.16)
Malcolm Arnold presents on his preparations with Dai Greene at the Welsh Athletics National Coaches conference. During the talk he covers his time as Welsh National Coach and the coaching structure at that time. He discusses the general principles he uses to develop his training program and how this has helped develop Dai Greene into a champion athlete.
Will Benefit: (Hurdle) Coaches.

Jessica Leitch: The Biomechanics of Running Injuries Part 3 (12.03.16)
This film has been incorrectly tagged on the introduction slide: the speaker is Jessica Leitch – Filmed at the 2014 Youth Endurance Conference in Birmingham. Jessica Leitch talks through abnormal biomechanics and what coaches might be able to look out for as an early sign of injury.
Will Benefit: Coaches.