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The UKA Foreign Athletes list 2016 has now been published online.

This list shows where athletes from other countries have been registered by UK clubs for competition purposes and approved by UKA under rule 5(6) replicated in full below.

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(6) FOREIGN ATHLETES: Junior and Senior Men and Women who would not be eligible to compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland under IAAF Rules, whether permanently or temporarily resident in the country, are only permitted to represent a Club in Open Team Competition as a first claim member if they have been registered with UKA by 1st January in the year of competition. Such registration may be made at the appropriate time for subsequent registration. The applicant must give as much information as is required and the registration is subject to an annual charge as determined from time to time by the Board of UK Athletics. This Rule does not exclude foreign athletes making application to the appropriate National Eligibility Committee for relaxation or exemption from the above.

League Organisers may decide, in conjunction with UKA, to place a limit on the number of foreign athletes who can compete for an affiliated Club in any given league or other team competition but this number should not normally exceed four such foreign athletes in any one meeting.

Permanent residence is defined as an athlete having residence for employment or educational purposes. Temporary residence is defined as an athlete undergoing educational training or being in gainful employment. Subject to registration with UKA as set out above and any regulations set out by the competition provider these athletes are eligible to compete in Open Team Competition. Athletes will not normally be eligible for Open Team Competition where their temporary presence in the UK is for the purpose of holidays, short visits or sporting events. This is a matter for the competition provider. Competition providers may choose to apply more restrictive restrictions as allowed in rule 4(4). Applications for permanent or temporary residence should be supported by appropriate evidence.

NOTE: Athletes possessing dual nationality of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and another country recognised by the IAAF will be regarded as eligible to seek to represent any Club under the jurisdiction of UKA unless they represent that other country in international competition when they will henceforth be regarded as an athlete governed by this Rule and will need to seek registration for subsequent seasons. Athletes born in Northern Ireland and resident within the United Kingdom are exempt from the requirement


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First published on: 3 March, 2016 12:00 am