Doping may soon become a criminal offence

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British Minister for sport Tracey Crouch has stated that the government is currently exploring the possibility of making drugs use a criminal offence.

The idea was first proposed by former sports minister and British Olympic Association chairman Lord Moynihan.

“Intentional doping in sport remains the worst crime an athlete can commit,” said Moynihan to the Daily Mail, “the deterrent effect of criminalising doping will send a message into the homes and classrooms of young athletes that if you want to compete in the 21st century, you must stay clean.”

Countries such as Italy and France have already chosen to criminalise drugs use, with Britain currently adopting the new anti-doping code, which states that if a drugs cheat is caught they will be banned from at least one Olympic Games.

However, Crouch has expressed her full interest in making doping a criminal offence in order to crack down further on drugs cheats.

“It is a really interesting idea,” she told the BBC, “there are international examples of this taking place but it is an idea that does need to be explored further.”

Lord Moynihan is hopeful that this new proposal on doping will be implemented in time for the next IAAF World Championships, which will take place in London in 2017.


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First published on: 28 October, 2015 12:00 am