David Weir for Sports Personality of the Year

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Paralympics athlete David Weir MBE, also known as ‘The Weir Wolf’, received his first Sports Personality of the Year nomination for his super-human achievements at the London 2012 Olympics. Weir won four gold medals in four different distances, spanning from an 800m middle distance sprint to 26.5 mile marathon and raised the bar for other disabled athletes competing in the track events. Weir’s achievements of this year, his inspirational personality and determination make him, in my opinion the rightful winner for his years Sports Personality of the year award.

Weir was born with a spinal chord transection meaning he has been wheel chair bound all his life. This has not stopped him from becoming a national hero and awe inspiring athlete. Weir’s gold medals came in the 5000m, 1500m, 800m and the marathon. These four gold medals added to the two he won in Beijing, took his medal haul up to six gold medals.

To win gold in all these distances proves Weir is an astonishing athlete and not many other athletes can boast of such an astounding achievement. At the age of 33, Weir covered a total distance of 35.3 miles in the races he participated in, a heroic effort which has been considerably underplayed in the media. Weir participated in seven races over ten days a put in a phenomenal and inspiration performance each time he took to the track.  Along side his achievements at the 2012 Paralympics, the Weir Wolf also holds the British record for ALL track distances up to 5,000m. Weir became flag bearer for the closing ceremony of the Paralympics alongside fellow nominee Sarah Storey, again representing the Weir Wolfs achievement during the summer of 2012.

Weirs Achievements, not only at London 2012 but also throughout his career provides a huge inspiration to the British population. I do believe the British public and the rest of the word has never been more aware of Paralympic sport thanks to the achievements of David Weir and his fellow Team GB teammates. Weir has put Paralympic sport on the map and has inspired many young people to become involved in sport. The Para-Olympian provides a huge inspiration to everyone; he has fought for his achievements, and despite his disability has become a national hero to the whole of Great Britain. Weirs stamina, speed and sheer talent is why he should win Sports Personality of the 2012.


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First published on: 15 December, 2012 12:00 am