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Coaches can book now for a series of events to be held on 19 March 2016 which will provide coaches with an opportunity to learn technical coaching content.

The content of the afternoon sessions of these Regional Technical Days repeats those held in November, however, the psychology session in the morning is replaced with nutrition. We are encouraging coaches to look at a different event group in the afternoons session to broaden their expertise. So, for example, an endurance coach could access the speed event group work which would give a great insight into running mechanics, acceleration and top speed technique through to hurdle development, which could add to mobility and steeplechase introduction work. Or a speed coach might want to develop some skills and knowledge or share some thoughts on jump development.

The sessions are suitable for all athletics coaches who want to develop their technical understanding and are specifically targeted at people who have taken the Athletics Coach, Coach in Running Fitness, or Level 2 qualifications.

The Practical afternoon sessions will be delivered in an event group specific format with different sessions for coaches who want to focus on speed, endurance, throws and jumps.

The morning sessions will cover nutritional aspects of coaching, including:

  • General Nutritional Advice – importance of eating a balanced and healthy diet underpins everything we do as individuals and athletes
  • Specific foods to eat pre training and competing, and recovery
  • Sources of nutrition
  • Supplements – should only be considered after working through the above and recognising that there is a risk to supplements

The cost of attending the workshops will be £20 per person for the day. Any coaches who want to look at a different event or refresh knowledge will also benefit from attending. Coaches who have previously been involved with the LCDP and benefited from the technical curriculum are also encouraged to attend.

To book on to one of the Regional Technical Days which all take place on 19 March 2016 please use the following links:

Birmingham – Alexander Stadium:
Chelmsford – Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre:
Uxbridge – Brunel University:
Manchester – Sportcity:
Bath – University of Bath:
Leeds – John Charles Centre For Sport:


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First published on: 15 January, 2016 12:00 am