2018 Manchester International. Photo: MV4R Photography. England Athletics

Live athletics coming up in 2020 on runjumpthrow.com

06/03/2020 by Alex Seftel

This year’s athletics coverage has already kicked off with indoor championships in Scotland and Wales and there is also plenty of cross country action to catch up on, which can be found in the coverage section of our website. Earlier this year, Vinco travelled to the Sätra Grand Prix in Sweden, and … Read more

Jade Lally at the 2018 Anniversary Games. Photo: MV4R Photography.

Jade Lally on Juggling Motherhood and Training

05/03/2020 by Becki Hall

Jade Lally has been one of Britain’s most consistent athletes over the last decade. She was the country’s number 1 ranked discus thrower from 2011-2018 and in that time won a hat full of domestic titles as well as competing in the World and European Championships, Commonwealth Games and on the Diamo … Read more

Kelly Massey: “I never made an English Schools semi-final, never mind a final”

02/03/2020 by Alex Seftel

“You’ve got to appreciate what you have actually done rather than thinking ‘I didn’t get to do this, I didn’t get to do that,’ ” believes Kelly Massey. The Olympic, European and Commonwealth medallist retired from competitive athletics two years ago, announcing her decision with a tear-jerking monta … Read more

Nethaneel Michell-Blake after winning the 2018 British Championships. Photo: MV4R Photography

Tuesday Tips: A guide for athletes thinking of heading to the States

11/02/2020 by James Young

Many talented athletes decide to continue their athletic and academic careers across the pond in the United States due to the lure of a high-quality training environment and heavily-discounted university cost. There have been many successful stories, but also some not-so-successful, and with so many … Read more

Mhairi MacLennan on finding her “calling” in life

07/01/2020 by Connor Craig-Jackson

In a loud, busy lecture theatre at the end of a Spanish lesson at Edinburgh University, lecturer Mhairi MacLennan rushes out of the room with her hands stacked full of paper as she prepares to sit down for a chat about the many big changes that have happened over the past year. Throughout 2019, the … Read more

Jenny Nesbitt “never takes a day for granted” after mental health struggles

22/11/2019 by Connor Craig-Jackson

At a small school assembly in Worcester, pupil Jenny Nesbitt heard her name being called to go up and collect an award for being “the most happy and smiley child” in the school. She shook the teacher’s hand, turned to her classmates to show her familiar smile and then wandered back over to her chair … Read more

Jess Mayho: British hammer champion and her digital setup with a Portuguese coach

14/11/2019 by Becki Hall

At a first glance, the athlete life Jess Mayho leads looks pretty standard, if a little hectic. She played other sports, including netball, at a high level in her younger years. She isn’t on funding, so the 26-year-old works 35 hours a week as a facility bookings manager at the University of Leeds. … Read more

James Ellington taking legal action against Nigel Levine for 2017 motorbike accident

01/11/2019 by Connor Craig-Jackson

A new twist in the comeback of former British international James Ellington has seen him take legal action against his Olympic team-mate Nigel Levine over a motorbike crash in early 2017 that left Ellington out of action until 2019. Levine was driving the motorcycle with both athletes on during a tr … Read more

Scottish FPSG Athlete of the Year short-lists revealed

29/10/2019 by Scottish Athletics

Six of Scotland’s top stars are in the running for the FPSG Scottish Athlete of the Year award for 2019. It looks like one of the toughest decisions in recent years with success being achieved at international level across the disciplines. Jacob Adkin and Andy Douglas won the European Championship a … Read more

Callum Hawkins and Kilbarchan beaten to Scottish XC relay gold by Central AC

29/10/2019 by Scottish Athletics

Callum Hawkins returned to his cross country roots as he raced across the mud and hills of Cumbernauld on Saturday in his first outing since his superb – but agonising – performance in the IAAF World Champs marathon ended with fourth place in Doha. The Olympian’s presence thrilled big crowds at the … Read more