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Buy Videos

Have you been filmed by VincoSport? Want to have the footage for personal use on your computer or phone? We sell any clips uploaded to our video hosting for £5.00 per clip!

To purchase your video follow the below instructions:

1) Complete the payment via the "Pay Now" button below.

Note, if purchasing more than one video you need to change the quantity at the checkout to the number of videos you wish to download.

2) Email us with the URLs (e.g. http://www.vincosport.com/videos/251) of the videos you wish to download, please include your PayPal transaction number.

Once the above is complete, we will prepare the videos for you to download and will email you within 72 hours with the link you require to complete the download.

By requesting the purchase of a video, you are agreeing to our terms of sale.

Please note, video downloads are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial rights. Should you wish to use the videos commercially, please contact us.

Only videos uploaded to the VincoSport server are available for purchase. These are the videos watermarked with the VINCO logo and contain the slow motion control functions. Videos embedded from third party websites are not available.

We request the user provides the URL of the video they require to ensure that there can be no doubt we are sending the correct file via WeTransfer. It is the downloaders responsibility to ensure these links are correct and refunds will not be issued in the event of user error.

You can use free software such as Apple's QuickTime player to slow the video clips down and watch back frame by frame.

Trying to download via your iPad? Check out support pages for further assistance.