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WheyHey! Protein Ice Cream

Miscellaneous (Food & Supplements) from WheyHey!

Manufacturer's Description

Making sure you have enough protein in your diet is essential to getting the most out of your body - and life! Protein is the building block for all human cells, the second most abundant component of the human body after water, and can help with everything from losing weight to muscle repair and skin anti aging!

Protein is made up of amino acids of which there are 9 known as essential, and 11 other non-essential and conditional amino acids. The whey protein isolate we use is the best quality out there, and contains all 9 essential and 11 non essential amino acids that the human body needs, which if you ask us, is pretty incredible!

A lot of people ask us what whey protein is it's actually a by-product of the cheese making process and it's 100% natural and easily and rapidly digested. Thanks cows!


We road tested the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours and I must admit that the taste test team were expecting it to taste a little sub-par, but boy were we proved wrong!

Each flavour tasted as good as you would expect from any top of the range ice cream you'd find in the supermarket, but without the high levels of fat and sugar.

The texture of the ice cream is a little different to standard products, but not in an undesirable way as it still has a creamy taste and feel.

The team at WheyHey! have managed to keep the fat content down to around 4g per serving and sugar to less than 1g but it packs a massive 21g of protein and 4g of fibre in just 150ml.

Each 150ml serving also has just 150 calories so whilst it's a true treat, you really don't feel like a cheat! Will I be buying this product again in the future? Definitely.

User Reviews

Martin Cook wrote ()

The Wheyhey! protein ice cream was the perfect little treat for after my meal, especially after a training session. The small pots were just the right size and they generally tasted quite good, especially the chocolate one.

Tim Burn wrote ()

Tasty treat packed with protein! A no guilt alternative to ice cream. Only downside is the price.

Andy Moloney wrote ()


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Score: 87.0/100

Taste 9.0/10
Texture 7.0/10
Nutritional Content 10.0/10

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