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Saucony Unleash SD Shoes

2014 Spikes (Field) from Saucony

Manufacturer's Description

The Unleash SD is designed and developed with the aid of athletes so that if offers a brilliant option for those competing in shot put, discus and hammer throw. It combines FlexFilm overlays, supportive synthetics and a robust cross strap with a high density rubber outsole, giving the thrower the perfect blend of traction and speed for the spin or glide techniques adopted by different throwers.

The upper also features breathable mesh so that your feet are as comfortable as possible inside, and the sole features a nylon forefoot plate and high density rubber for fantastic durability, grip and stability.


The brightest of the already bright Saucony series, these luminous coloured shoes look brilliant. Also very comfortable, not too heavy, and not incredibly rigid, which gives a great fit. There is a strap across the front which offers much more functionality than the straps on the jumping spikes. The sole features a footprint which looks good and has areas for grip, this means that the shoe isn't as slick as some other throwing shoes such as the Nike SDs, as a result the shoes aren't as quick for turning as others which may limit them in terms of elite discus throwers wanting them. However for most of the country the slightly slower turning speed not the end of the world where over doing turning speed can be an issue, it also means that for gliding there is a good level of grip which is lost in other SD shoes. This grip is also beneficial for the delivery in both events. On the whole, as a decathlete these are ideal for me, weather some of the better discus throwers would be as keen as me I'm not convinced, but they look and feel great and offer benefit to those below the elite level.

User Reviews

Lydia Chamberlin wrote ()

I would say this shoe fits true to size, which is different to other Saucony shoes that I have tried (needed half a size bigger). When stood still the shoe is also very comfortable to wear. The fit is helped again by the strap that runs over the top of the foot, allowing for a tighter fit and also to keep the laces in place. on the move I am not so sure about the comfort so you can read further on. 6/10

- Support
although the actual shoe is very comfortable and the foot feels secure, the sole of the shoe does not provide the same feeling. to me it feels as though the sole of the shoe is rounded and as though I am stood on a wobble board. When performing the glide movement across the circle, it makes the movement feel rather unstable and subsequently it can make it difficult to achieve the right position to throw. 5/10

- Response
Here come the interesting bit, although I said that the shoe was not very responsive for glide throwers in shot, they are very responsive for rotational throwers. whether this be discus, shot or hammer. I let a friend borrow the shoes to see what she thought about them and she found the rigid sole very responsive and allowed her to achieve a faster turn, she also found that the curved sole helped achieve a greater speed also. in addition she also found the shoe to have sufficient grip for her to be able to keep control of her turns when throwing. So this shoe could be seen to be an exceptional shoe for rotation throwers. 9/10

- Durability N/A

- Appearance
The shoe is very bright in its appearance (citron and black) and this also makes it quite striking. I find it aesthetically pleasing. So if you are a rotational thrower and your looking for something a bit different, then this would be the shoe for you. 8/10

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Score: 78.0/100

Comfort & Fit 8.0/10
Appearance 9.0/10
Rotational Speed 5.0/10
Gliding 9.0/10
Delivery 8.0/10

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