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Race Finder

Are you a national, international or potential international athlete looking to get into meetings across Europe? Join our ‘Race Finder’ service today!

What is Race Finder?

We have two UKA registered athlete representatives and since 2010, we have been assisting athletes access meetings overseas and negotiating the best possible deals in terms of travel expenses from the organisation and provision of accommodation, meals and transport.

How does it work?

When an athlete has successfully signed up, we review their requirements and begin contacting meeting organisers on their behalf.

Once we have an appropriate agreement with the organizer of a competition we then present the deal to the athlete and ask them whether they wish to proceed.

Should they wish to do so, it is then the athlete’s responsibility to book their flights and make arrangements to get to the airport under their own steam. Any agreed payments in respect of travel or appearance fee, plus any prize money due, will then be recovered by Vinco after the event has taken place and paid to the athlete via BACS or PayPal.

What standard do I need to be to use the service?

We are currently seeking athletes who are of a standard to make finals at a national level (U20/U23 or senior competitions) and have the potential to represent their country. This service is open to any athlete that is free to travel within Europe and is not limited to British athletes.

This service is only open to athletes over aged 18 or over.

How much does it cost?

If you are accepted onto the service, you will need to pay a £15.00 (** reduced to £10.00 if you apply before 30/04/2017 **) annual subscription fee. Each confirmed entry into competition will then cost £24.00 and Vinco Sport Ltd entitled to 15% of any prize or appearance money (less the £24.00 already paid).

Before you complete the application, please visit our support section for more information on prize money payments, appearance fee monies and hotel/transport bookings.

Who has used the service?

- Daniel Awde

- Ray Bobrownicki

- David Lima

- Ezekiel Ewulo

- Kola Adedoyin

- Nathan Fox

- Lucy Hatton