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Brittney Reese: "I am confident I can go out and win the gold medal in London!"

Brittney Reese will be going all out to take the Olympic gold medal back to the USA at the London 2012 Summer Games later this year.

The 25-year-old has hit form at the right time after jumping a new American record of 7.23m as she collected her second consecutive World Indoor title at Istanbul earlier this month.

My first thought was You Did It!, she said, after reliving her last round leap, I knew when I saw it on the screen that it was the American Record but what I didn't know it was a Championship Record,

I was surprised and I couldn't believe that I jumped that far even though my coach had been telling me that I was ready for something special,

Its a great feeling and truly a blessing for me. I have been working hard these past years to get to where I am at now and I feel there are more to come in my upcoming years

But now the real testing is approaching, Reese is jumping very well so far this season, but there is one or two names that are slowly starting to creep up the World rankings with Janay DeLoach and Great Britains very own Shara Proctor making the headlines.

But the Mississippi jumper will not allow the hype of DeLoach and Proctor to derail her from training and continuation of her jumping.

She said, I try not to think about my competitors as much. I just want to go out and be the best I can be on that given day.

DeLoach and Proctor are great athletes and at any given moment can produce great jumps, so I just have to continue to stay in my zone and stay focused on the goal of capturing a Gold Medal at the Olympics.

Staying on topic with DeLoach, the World Indoors were incredible to watch, many watched in awe of how well Team USA dominated the field events over the three days in Turkey.

Head were turned and many athletics fans never saw the likes of Christian Taylor be beaten after his 17.98m jump in Daegu last year.

The likes of Will Claye(TJ), Taylor(TJ), Chaunt Lowe (HJ), DeLoach and Reese all picked up medals, and it has to be said that it could be an exciting prospect in the summer to watch all these compete and possibly break records, is it exhilarating from an athletes point of view though?

Its very exciting because by being in the field we don't get as much attention as a sprinter or distance runner would, Reese said.

They are all excellent competitors and great people off the track so I am not surprised at what they are accomplishing. London will be great for them.

However, as big as the collection she has with World titles, both indoor and out, its that one medal every single athlete dreams of, an Olympic Gold.

Four years ago, Brittney finished fifth in the Womens long jump final in Beijing after qualifying with the furthest distance and watched as Brazilian Maurren Higa Maggi bagged the gold, jumping 7.04.

But now as the outdoor season is almost about to begin for some athletes, preparation is key to make sure that come the summer time, they are at the peak of their form, for Brittney its all about taking one thing at a time and she believes that when the Olympics arrive, the gold is there for the taking.

She said, I want to keep everything the same. I will be doing the same amount of meets I did last year but also making sure I stay in shape since this is an important season,

My approach is basically taking it one meet at a time but also keeping in mind the task at hand,

I am confident I can go out and win the gold medal in London. When I placed fifth in 2008 I was disappointed and thats not how I want to feel in London. I am going to go out and give it my all to make sure I wont have that feeling anymore.


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